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Ledger Nano S

The Ledger Nano S is a great hardware wallet from Ledger. Similar to the Ledger Nano, it is one of the cheaper hardware wallets out there but the Ledger Nano S has a built-in screen. Hardware wallets in general are regarded as one of the more secure wallet types. And with the Ledger Nano S, you have to physically press buttons on the device to confirm payments, adding another layer of security.

On top of the physical confirmation buttons, you also create a PIN code which you have to enter to access your wallet. The Nano S has a built-in security feature that will wipe your device after 3 incorrect guesses, to prevent you from losing your funds if your device is lost or stolen.


If you're using Bitcoin, some popular wallet recommendations are Mycelium & Electrum, as well as Ledger's Chrome browser extension. Both of these wallets make it simple to work with the Nano S and Mycelium has a 'Ledger' function for importing accounts or setting up new ones from the Nano S or other Ledger hardware wallets. But to start, all you need to do is the plug the Nano S into your computer, create your PIN code, and record the recovery phrase you will be provided. Ledger even gives you a form to write down your recovery phrase.


We've already mentioned the PIN code and physical buttons which are required for sending payments with the Nano S. During setup, the recovery phrase you're provided is another solid security feature - it's lets your recover your funds in a secure way should anything happen to your device or if you're just doing routine wallet maintenance, etc. The box itseld that the Nano S comes in should have a tamper-resistant seal. It's important to note that it is highliy recommended that you only buy hardware wallets from trusted sources like Ledger or through Amazon. There have been reports of people tampering with hardware wallets before people buy them, to then be able to later steal people's funds. If you buy from a trusted source, and the security seal is intact, you can be confident your Nano S is secure from the start.


Overall, we are big fans of the Nano S. If you buy from the Amazon link above, you will get a bundle kit that includes the Nano S, an RFID-shielded pouch, a pen, and 2 different USB adapters. The pouch is intended to keep your wallet extra secure by blocking RFID signals - this probably isn't the most necessary thing in the world, because the Nano S is powered off when not plugged in, but in our minds, any extra precautions are usually worth it just to be safe. The pen provided is a special archival ink pen with fade-resistant ink so you can write down your recovery phrase and not have to worry about it staying over time. The adapters include a micro-USB and a USB-C adapter ensure you can user your Nano S with most devices.

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