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Privacy Policy

At DigForBitcoin.com, we take user privacy very seriously & consider it to be extremely important. This page describes the types of information collected and recorded by DigForBitcoin.com and how it may be used.


This Privacy Policy only applies to online activity conducted via and within DigForBitcoin.com. This Privacy Policy does not apply to any information or data collected via other sources and channels.

General Logging

DigForBitcoin.com uses active logging of activity on the site and this information may be stored by The owners of DigForBitcoin for an indefinite period of time. This logging information may include IP addresses, ISP information, browser information, data surrounding pages viewed, data surrounding user clicks, and other basic data that is collected as part of most web-based data analytics programs.

The owners of DigForBitcoin actively uses this information to maintain the best web experience possible for visitors. The General Logging information as described above is not stored in a manner linked to any personally-identifiable information.

Cookies & Other Tracking Devices

DigForBitcoin.com may employ the use of cookies, and/or third-party services that employ the use of cookies, for the use of serving ads. These third-party services, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on your prior visits to websites.

Each third-party service maintains their own Privacy Policies, which will be linked to within this document from time to time, as deemed required by The owners of DigForBitcoin.

You may opt out of personalized Google advertising by visiting Ads Settings (https://www.google.com/settings/ads).

You may opt out of additional third-party vendor's use of cookies for personalized advertising by visiting www.aboutads.info

Always be aware the Privacy Policies of third-party sites and services most likely differ from this Privacy Policy.


By using DigForBitcoin.com, you hereby consent to this Privacy Policy & Terms of Use.

Form Data & User Account Data

The owners of DigForBitcoin take security and privacy very seriously, and will never knowingly transfer personally-identifiable information to third-parties.

User account data supplied during Registration comes with all reasonable assurances of security, confidentiality, etc as deemed appropriate by The owners of DigForBitcoin.

Any information or data submitted through one of the form pages of DigForBitcoin.com , intended for use by The owners of DigForBitcoin for reasonable business activities, will be considered the property of the owners of DigForBitcoin and comes with all reasonable assurances of security, confidentiality, etc as deemed appropriate by The owners of DigForBitcoin.

If you have questions about the handling of this, or any, type of information please contact The owners of DigForBitcoin.

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